Mercy Me

“Landed, got wet and couldn’t take off. Like a bee stuck in it’s own honey.”

Home, I’ve forgotten where home is you see…been lost in mystery, too blind to see…

Chaos created all this negativity

Got me crawling to my inner tree on hands and knees, my last breath a sneeze…consume me, cover me with your mercy if you please.

I keep my grace along with my face, in a safe center space…how many licks would it take to reach that place? Thirty six, not enough minutes…

I needed that walk, that embrace, both offered through grace…shoved back in my face, stinging the sacred heart space.

By Thais Bosworth

I came into this world with a fiery disposition, headstrong, only to be stifled by unconscious generational traumas. Now I am here, my fire has returned and I'm trying to live a dream like life, the life that's been waiting on me for years...won't you walk with me...

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