The Bloom

I apologize for staring so deeply into your eyes and loving what I found there, mesmerized

so rare…

Without notice, like a lotus

out of muddy waters

high on love, like the kind from above

Blinding me, from earthly


I apologize a thousand times

I apologize…

Down to the marrow it seeped

allowing me to keep

knowledge of a feeling so deep…see sawing back and forth,

ever so slightly

never far left or too rightly

For the middle is where the bird doth lay

never afraid,

of a crumble or charades

foundation never rumbles…

in the air it radiates.

The winged human is whole and complete,

thoth did lay at my feet, the seed that’d been buried deep,

now in bloom.

Serving on it’s seat

a verdict somehow reached,

you are free to go,

you are released.


Sauvage Taboos

a brighter shade of pale

I could’ve gotten you from a wishing well…

as soon as I saw you, my heart and head swelled

I can’t hardly stand it, that mind numbing smell…

Is this “heaven?” Sure could feel like “hell…”

You see in this reality, where I see you and I see me

you are not free from chains of systems and beliefs…I don’t give up

The first of fires has arrived to spark my cup…


I love the clouds of gray

thunder and lightning did you say

especially when we can stay

and play, in bed all day…

Sun, don’t come out today

stay tucked away, fill the skies with rain

I am ready to slay and be slain…

I never heard Stella or her mate complain…

copyright 2021 Thais Bosworth, All Rights Reserved

Attentiveness Sparks the Key That Shadows Keeps

Turning language into gold

this is not MY story, only one that I, AM told

I’m a magnet for your bullets of metal, churning out an element more precious than the petals.

Hearts light as feathers,

bellies burning furnace with fire

now I concrete my strongest desire…until I tire

Slipping into sleep

your dreams and secrets I do keep…

You understand my frustrations, from needed situations…that currently lack…

Firstly felt it to be Andrew

then Mo and wolfman, alas…

Hell, for a second of a point I thought it was Jack…

I understand you can’t fess up, I understand you’ve no back…bone…

Where do we go from here

Sometimes it’s not so clear

The address provided by the other friend Jay, meant to set me astray…I just walked away…

I don’t know what to think

I don’t know what to say

I’m going out now to the playground

I’m ready to *!@%#!!! play…

I can never truly know, if I sit here and guess…

I’m ready to risk, I accept thee’s fine tests.

copyright (c) 2021 Thais Bosworth, All Rights Reserved



Spider web how do you change what you see,

you’re not the only one breathing?

I received from you

I received from spirit

what’s left to do, let me now hear it…

Breath that causes sound;

where that breath comes from, no one has found…

Sound is what creates everything you see,

vibrating air forming energy into things

The battery effect is true

now that’s a good excuse, also I love you and that’s it’s use…

None of this is real

only put here to make one feel

walking around, heel to heel

losing my mind, you tell me I’m blind

that what I saw, it wasn’t your eyes

but my reflection in disguise

to tell us our lies? (4 am)

We always hide…so well

so well, that the one you had to let walk away,

that is the one that could drive you insane…making you forget even your own name.


Buried With Breath

I love how you’ve made my dreams come true,

transforming me, transforming you

I love how I get to share them with you

in between the etheric planes, I can hear you say my name

over and over, over and again…

I am the insane to feel, to heal the insane…

makes me want to suck through your brains, while I hear you speak my name…

in the most gratifying way, sensations rushing,

amaze…I wish you’d really come out and play…maybe one day, maybe one day.


Is this how the gods of this game raise up their star players once again?

Liking to keep it different, not of mundane,

lightning in my veins

Thunder in my heart, breath that brings sparks

shooting out into the distant arc

down the inside of my face, the extreme joy, the extreme pain

Zigzagging back up again ’round the pole that’s been lain

antennae connected to all layers, planes

with the ability to once again be sane.


On the pendulum now it seems we glide

back and forth

deep breaths bring relief

and side to side…

all my pride now set to the side, no longer can I hide

have to write what I feel inside,

’cause I never again want to be buried alive!

wikipedia, Pakistan



Feel like I’ve been here before, take me seriously I dare you, before 4

I wish I had asked more questions

maybe then I could hear you explain,

in a state of unawareness, it felt blissfully insane…

No need to speak a fuss,

no need to cause a huge scene,

seems like I’ve seen you somewhere, other than my dreams

such a treat, finally thinking of not being on my feet

travel with me, well past the point of sleep.

I’ve stimulated the mind, now bring it up from behind, if you feel so inclined…

Daily my heart breaks open just a little more, allowing all of the rivers water to pour forth.

Did you hear me calling out your name?

calling in moans through the luke warm shower rains…

My internal systems are being finessed,

a key bearer for one of my seals, and no less.



I dont know what I am anymore

I’m just walking through this grocery store

that I’ve seen so many times before

after having gotten my thrice divorce

Show me that there is more

All I can do is look at these s’mores

wondering where the fire is…

Getting teeth cleaned

constantly stitching the seams

that hold me together…

Explosive emotions have nowhere to go

So I just breathe in nice and slow

It calms me just enough

to get on with this show…

we all call life

Making memories

whatever, whomever they may be

Making memories

some only you and I can see

My vessel, my home is free

Myself, I and me

❤ Thais

Copyright (c) 2021 C. Thais Bosworth, All Rights Reserved


When the Sky Falls

The expression housing your energy will be gone soon

what once walked around in thoughts

perhaps filtering into

and in between molecules…to live again

When our souls slept together, I wish I’d had skin

I felt you without, now I feel you within

popping, cracking, massaging my brain…

I finally cried to my pal Chris “I think I’m going insane!” Assuring me that I AM not,

revealed through communication I had a thought…

Before my body decays, I wish it to come alive

With all five senses engaged

house on fire, under a canopy of silk streamed cloudy moon

light absent, only scent of cologne and parfume

Sea salt settling, mirror a haze,

into your eyes forever I could gaze

never blinding, streaming of feather like blaze…as the one sent from the earth to the moon

flowing in and all around me, consume

feeling you through your eye, it looms

speaking to me of the love lost and gloom

A spark of light I still see in view…where’s the switch

ah hell never mind, where’s the room?

Lost in your thoughts I get confused

shhhhh, be still

be here now hon, I’ll never cut you completely loose.


Pupils connected

Lost in your familiar nothingness

Not a word needed to be formed

Information exchanged

Whirlwind of a new world

Something I’ve never experienced before

Looking now to explore

All the love that I now can appreciate and adore

Stepping away from comfort, let’s make it feel real

Glowy head feel, the crowns appeal

connection to the unseen realms

Copyright 2021

C. Thais Bosworth


Million Dollar Winners

I fell in love with the devil of the sun, feeding the father and the spirit one

a triangle has become…

Your soul took my souls hand

led me to an unknown land

from the/that same expression a moon dance began.

Anyone: “Anyone need anything before I go?”

A million dollars you would say.

Ever hear of sex magick from back in the day? My thoughts would slip away…

You’ve been making love to my avatar

through sound and radar from afar

Hands now in motion

intertwined phalanges covered in saliva liped hands

sucking on a straw, fruit from juice exquisitely grand

Recieving of energies

they do mend,

❤ Thais

copyright 2021

C. Thais Bosworth