Everywhere I Am

I am a beautiful woman with all my different parts even the scarred and sometimes oozing pieces of art I am holder of potentially infinite cosmos empty, yet full of energy…waiting to be breached…to finally feel life force meant this eternity of time Every eternity seems to last forever, until it ends fading into the […]

Arms Wide Open

I miss your presence and funny quotes your beanie in my drawer and chair to hang your coat…all the belly laughs and jokes The sincerity of your voice …the comfort level was no joke So, you think you’re able to lift me yet? I only weigh a buck ten, soaked and wet, maybe 111… and […]

This Old Town

Thought I was going with the flow, turns out I was just slow The hook sank in so far, if I pulled it out it’d surely leave a scar… with it in I can’t go far Stuck with you in the kiddie pool, a fish out of water just won’t do I know me and […]

The Burden of Time

The unexplainable saw an opportunity and ran with it, using yourself and I Did you think I’d burn to the touch It is the imperfections you see, that can bring about a good memory smiles and glimmering, teeth from laughing, belly aching I’m breaking can’t have you I’m faking not wanting you now my heart […]


Your attempts aren’t failures you see there is a compass inside me I am the commander of my vessel I am the captain of my ship I love to control the mind, although sometimes I slip It winds up on the hips, doing stretches and dips The freezing chill persists no longer allowing me to […]

Desert Rose

Paying debts of unknown origins where loves abates at the I alone gates Two feet, two hands, I can hardly stand…the journey always long Rapping upon the iron lock as blood runs from knuckles down past hand… Let me in, this place is too strange all of it, rearranged No answer, nor a reply Throw […]

Slits Create Whys

Still no word from half home only flashes of steady monochrome A familiar voice and tone muffled worse than a telephone…albeit I long to hear clearly Clear like this phrase that I hear on my out days, “Is there something I can help you with?” Yet still no word from half home, must be content, […]

Whispers on Waves

In twisted tongues of flushed cheeks pretzeled limbs weaving clean through, seeks From struggles a kind of beauty grows, explodes a resilience as pure as the primal snows And from this beauty a truer self is shown new perspectives form emotions still a little storm mixed with gentle breezes of the norm… Some nights filled […]

Primal Paradise

Blue wood seed bloomed I was just being me You were just being you and somewhere, I think something else understood what we should’ve because damn it’s been good , amazing… in my black oasis pen and paperless leaving me speechless…never tasteless

Half a Heart

When the candle cries the flame does dance burning down endlessly Attaching to whatever it encounters hot wax building new pathways where tenderness draws near… Listening now with my auditory ear waiting for the day it becomes loud and clear…


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