Shadows and Flames

I’m going to shine my light, never blinding, not too bright drawing the shades at the fall of night Send me your wisdom so I will know what my work here is while in this glow of wonders and mysteries, the highs and lows. No need to worry, it’s water under the bridge I stand […]


I became death the day I was born, slowly growing towards it, being torn from the realm that was once adorned by every cyclops and horn worn by dragons, forlorned lions with manes, flesh torn… Leaving your rains to feed my wealth I know I had to bloom, finding my stealth Did you have to […]

The Mystery Remains

Shine your magic with a genuine smile I give life I don’t take life, that is vile I’ll walk with you across the miles, the sea man pours from my womb for us to be in our other life lines, creating for us new tombs… You’re all mine as I sing; The riddle within the […]


Senses unspoken, a love so clean I can feel from your heartfelt gleam Sinking into the pillow floor, as he slowly reaches unlocking the door The one that my body desires, my mind and heart now aware of this fire burning deep inside where you can’t see, since long before eternity Waiting on the formation […]

Becoming Human

Floating around, waiting on the formation of the sun We mingled together and became as one Melting through the electromagnetic layers, once again we became pairs… You are my anchor, keeping me grounded to the sea; holding on to various parts of me while allowing the emptiness to be free I trust in you, you […]

The Bloom

I apologize for staring so deeply into your eyes and loving what I found there, mesmerized so rare… Without notice, like a lotus out of muddy waters high on love, like the kind from above Blinding me, from earthly matters… I apologize a thousand times I apologize… Down to the marrow it seeped allowing me […]

Sauvage Taboos

a brighter shade of pale I could’ve gotten you from a wishing well… as soon as I saw you, my heart and head swelled I can’t hardly stand it, that mind numbing smell… Is this “heaven?” Sure could feel like “hell…” You see in this reality, where I see you and I see me you […]

Attentiveness Sparks the Key That Shadows Keeps

Turning language into gold this is not MY story, only one that I, AM told I’m a magnet for your bullets of metal, churning out an element more precious than the petals. Hearts light as feathers, bellies burning furnace with fire now I concrete my strongest desire…until I tire Slipping into sleep your dreams and […]


Spider web how do you change what you see, you’re not the only one breathing? I received from you I received from spirit what’s left to do, let me now hear it… Breath that causes sound; where that breath comes from, no one has found… Sound is what creates everything you see, vibrating air forming […]

Buried With Breath

I love how you’ve made my dreams come true, transforming me, transforming you I love how I get to share them with you in between the etheric planes, I can hear you say my name over and over, over and again… I am the insane to feel, to heal the insane… makes me want to […]


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