Million Dollar Winners

I fell in love with the devil of the sun, feeding the father and the spirit one a triangle has become… Your soul took my souls hand led me to an unknown land from the/that same expression a moon dance began. Anyone: “Anyone need anything before I go?” A million dollars you would say. Ever […]

Fully Exposed

Bare boned, unified and alone I stand in my now zone nothing left that can be taken from my home from the infinite sea, tears roll down my cheek to breast I must confess I can’t rid my being of your chest, pressed against my breaths… Does this mean we can’t be friends? I love […]

The Emotions of a Triangle

Meditating, divining towards the sky through the clouds, entering my eye I find a sweet surprise, covered with harmonies and lullabies Travelers through many empires through flames and fires never minding our desires Pulling you close for a small hand dance, once practiced long ago somewhere south of old France I haven’t changed at all […]

Eyes That Alchemize

Peace, harmony and truth, union alchemically fused cares not of your name or age in youth, whether you are married, numb and or legally insane, producing offspring or presenting rings. It throws a dent in timelines being spent, piercing the unseen walls that keep it from bleeding now seeps, all into one tests never meant […]

Never An Afterthought

Maybe too much for one man to handle, I’d like to find it all in one place when I see the eyes I can’t erase, what to do, had it all been put in place? To be this way right from the start tell me, did you really have to infiltrate my heart? Make me […]


Souls fuse, emerge and don’t say a single word, to his or her encasement inner workings of the mental endearment, on two different levels simultaneously together in overdrive Forgot to slide that key unlocked something never seen inside, or believed Imagination runs wild, possibilities taken in stride… Champagne clouded brains carpet stains on knees, pain […]

Hearts Light as Feathers

Soon is such a vague term, used to appease the individuals concerned How soon is now, fired back it seems patience for this surely lacks… “This will all be over soon,” sounding like a speakerphone from an apparent empty side room. I sweep and sweep but this damn broom, won’t reach what haunts from noon […]


Sinking slowly to the ocean floor, light growing dimmer than the league’s before always in the same family tree, maybe two, who knows…three from one blood came four, scores from marks explored through specticals of shade Internal mediation has been a strain, I hear the ring, answer must be unspoken, plane… Elevated annihilation, no apologies; […]

Everywhere I Am

I am a beautiful woman with all my different parts even the scarred and sometimes oozing pieces of art I am holder of potentially infinite cosmos empty, yet full of energy…waiting to be breached…to finally feel life force meant this eternity of time Every eternity seems to last forever, until it ends fading into the […]

Arms Wide Open

I miss your presence and funny quotes your beanie in my drawer and chair to hang your coat…all the belly laughs and jokes The sincerity of your voice …the comfort level was no joke So, you think you’re able to lift me yet? I only weigh a buck ten, soaked and wet, maybe 111… and […]


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