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Oak Island 2020

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Shadows and Flames

I’m going to shine my light, never blinding, not too bright drawing the shades at the fall of night Send me your wisdom so I will know what my work here is while in this glow of wonders and mysteries, the highs and lows. No need to worry, it’s water under the bridge I stand […]


I became death the day I was born, slowly growing towards it, being torn from the realm that was once adorned by every cyclops and horn worn by dragons, forlorned lions with manes, flesh torn… Leaving your rains to feed my wealth I know I had to bloom, finding my stealth Did you have to […]

The Mystery Remains

Shine your magic with a genuine smile I give life I don’t take life, that is vile I’ll walk with you across the miles, the sea man pours from my womb for us to be in our other life lines, creating for us new tombs… You’re all mine as I sing; The riddle within the […]

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