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Oak Island 2020

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Million Dollar Winners

I fell in love with the devil of the sun, feeding the father and the spirit one a triangle has become… Your soul took my souls hand led me to an unknown land from the/that same expression a moon dance began. Anyone: “Anyone need anything before I go?” A million dollars you would say. Ever […]

Fully Exposed

Bare boned, unified and alone I stand in my now zone nothing left that can be taken from my home from the infinite sea, tears roll down my cheek to breast I must confess I can’t rid my being of your chest, pressed against my breaths… Does this mean we can’t be friends? I love […]

The Emotions of a Triangle

Meditating, divining towards the sky through the clouds, entering my eye I find a sweet surprise, covered with harmonies and lullabies Travelers through many empires through flames and fires never minding our desires Pulling you close for a small hand dance, once practiced long ago somewhere south of old France I haven’t changed at all […]

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