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Oak Island 2020

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Hearts Light as Feathers

Soon is such a vague term, used to appease the individuals concerned How soon is now, fired back it seems patience for this surely lacks… “This will all be over soon,” sounding like a speakerphone from an apparent empty side room. I sweep and sweep but this damn broom, won’t reach what haunts from noon […]


Sinking slowly to the ocean floor, light growing dimmer than the league’s before always in the same family tree, maybe two, who knows…three from one blood came four, scores from marks explored through specticals of shade Internal mediation has been a strain, I hear the ring, answer must be unspoken, plane… Elevated annihilation, no apologies; […]

Everywhere I Am

I am a beautiful woman with all my different parts even the scarred and sometimes oozing pieces of art I am holder of potentially infinite cosmos empty, yet full of energy…waiting to be breached…to finally feel life force meant this eternity of time Every eternity seems to last forever, until it ends fading into the […]

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