Surprise in Disguise

I’ve got more scars than most stars

before they fell from the oceans floor

Still buried in the sand, I just can’t seem to understand anything, anymore…

“What is it all for?” I ask, as I walk through yet another door…I’ve never seen this place before…

Like an explorer on a secret mission, missing half of their intuition, yet somehow reminisces of a face that’s been missing…

Maybe one day I’ll be able to say “Those eyes are intriguing and so is that face.”

Thankful for that long dose of grace from that hidden place…saving me from this worldly race

Your presence intriguing

staring albeit blindly

I could not for life of me

Ever interfere…

Never causing harm to anyone, behind closed doors or out in the sun, not even just for fun.

Not one single tear ran past my ear

It’s definitely been a rough year but I know I am saved…therefore no more fear.