I flicked a tear across the room…

you gonna come splash in heavens puddles with me soon…

As I was staring down on them from above the roof

I could already see there wasn’t any proof

These two were just aloof, in need of some assistance soon

So when their eyes were at nose distance, their strings were revealed

and the spinning of a great wheel once concealed…

and out then the tone went, I soon hope it sends back what I lent

Where that bridge between eyes goes we seem not to know…

It used to make me sing so I drew a pretty picture for you

redwoods, stars and the moon

with a spiral so wide it nearly sucks me insides dry…

From atop the highest branch, I lay bare staring ever presently into the night air

wondering, how to get through there

You set up camp where

the voice of reason and beware

dare you to follow through

The most painful catalyst of all

the skies cried for me before my fall