Slits Create Whys

Still no word from half home

only flashes of steady monochrome

A familiar voice and tone

muffled worse than a telephone…albeit I long to hear clearly

Clear like this phrase that I hear on my out days, “Is there something I can help you with?”

Yet still no word from half home, must be content, his zoo has grown…

Outsiders, we roam

anticipating an invitation home


Bound to Forward

Out of the deepest, darkest places come some of the greatest minds

My souls broken to pieces but you can’t have mine

I’ve taken and hidden it somewhere

You’ll have to look into a million faces to find

To find it you must learn the many secrets that hide

all the love that resides between those blurry lines…memories, good eh, some bad

this one memory has me by the damned gonads…

You’ve shown me things then took them away

Now all I can do about it is pray

Pray to what either I don’t understand, maybe This Is The Universal Plan

It makes no rational sense, costing not a single pence…

I think for now I’ll simply rest, realizing sometimes, some things are merely tests…


I Am Love

The shadows on the wall

I keep hearing them call

I’ve come to bare the fruits of your labors

What is this place I must savor…

is there a court to have a ball in…

It’s deep within, way past the skin, somewhere you and I have never been

beg, plead, pray…

What else can I say, love can be half blind…

only with heart and mind combined will you find, love just wants to love you…

This is my truth.