Contagion Beware

Place your torch on my window sill

creating no panic, creating no frill

Only hearing your shadow of a voice still…

I’m left with no choice, been alone for so long here

not meant for the same ol’ crowds voice dear

Don’t believe me, go ask him…yeah that guy, over there

he knows, just wasn’t prepared…yet…

Are we prisoners of an ancient war, war torn lovers just for rapport

I’m calling order in this inhumane court, a mediation I do support

You just can’t pick and sort, this isn’t some barge at a port

Emotions of human were never meant to be your sport

Fallen angels did come forth, consort

with the energies of the ground

The blood of an earth mixed with the blood of a clouded crown…

Now in years it can go down

In time and space in this wrinkled backwoods N.C. town… scythe

We Are

Awareness jarred, perhaps from the stars

sleeping too hard, tried waking up

Seems I got stuck, needing a helping hand

Fear not what comes next, this is not a test, this was always planned

Either way the winds will always blow, across beaches of sands

Mind warped by space and time no longer seems to be alone mine…

A sinner and a saint

Mouth of a sailor, makes the weak faint

Been around too long

here and now, there and then…where have we really been

Nothing is as it appears to be, everyone sees this reality differently…

So many stories, can you see the forest for the trees…