Spider web how do you change what you see,

you’re not the only one breathing?

I received from you

I received from spirit

what’s left to do, let me now hear it…

Breath that causes sound;

where that breath comes from, no one has found…

Sound is what creates everything you see,

vibrating air forming energy into things

The battery effect is true

now that’s a good excuse, also I love you and that’s it’s use…

None of this is real

only put here to make one feel

walking around, heel to heel

losing my mind, you tell me I’m blind

that what I saw, it wasn’t your eyes

but my reflection in disguise

to tell us our lies? (4 am)

We always hide…so well

so well, that the one you had to let walk away,

that is the one that could drive you insane…making you forget even your own name.