Bare Boned

Bones lay bare for all to stare

a sliver of mystery to those who care

to stare beyond illusions repaired

Clearing out the rubbish sometimes takes ages…only they couldn’t fool all of the sages

Prepared before hand

written in the stars and sand

To the sand now you must go, to find where your river flows

Tracing back in time, what you seek is seeking your mind

Taunting with scents as the winds blow, filling up my inner nostrils…up through my nose

where they come from I may never know

Some pleasant, some make screams…how much longer can I stay here, living between dreams

Step away, perhaps engage and play

you awoke this beast, now I must tame

No matter to me it’s all the same…

You have no time to go digging through my shit,

so I stopped and stared, never to fully sit

Just like the birds made from clouds…

Alchemaic Battles

Growing pains, stage number two

Console and comfort myself I do

No guardian to calm me down

I do it on my own, gaining my crown

of petals all around…

Listening to no one, I’ve gone within

How to save myself from me, where have I been

Maybe just a test, then why all this residual mess

Making room for new memories now, welcoming my lacunal guest…

Creating new muscle mass, in cranial spaces

Sending all the rubbish packing, with all the suitcases

The junk you can’t seem to clear out, your double edged sword will sort about

In your hand, sometimes while you crawl, visualizing before you engage so as not to fall

Pulling it out before plunging it in

Slicing through organs and possibly phlegm

Secured with no mercy, lay it flat with no bend

Let the blood flow back to the earth, let it send

My messages and cries

Pouring from the eyes

Of my ego as it dies

For the hueman to rise…