Slits Create Whys

Still no word from half home

only flashes of steady monochrome

A familiar voice and tone

muffled worse than a telephone…albeit I long to hear clearly

Clear like this phrase that I hear on my out days, “Is there something I can help you with?”

Yet still no word from half home, must be content, his zoo has grown…

Outsiders, we roam

anticipating an invitation home


Ninja Stars

Astrocytes need upgrading

Seems I’ve met my match and it’s not playing

Coming after me with full steam

Reality, dream, perhaps somewhere in between

I’ll figure out how to shake me from your grip, even if my head I must split

I’m here for the abuse, what’s your excuse

Here to feel the pain

Yet I’ll not remain

In this video game…


There’s nothing I can’t now face

Seen the deepest, darkest pains replaced

Even still, I keep searching for only your face…

Like wolves of a hair, or birds of a feather, this blood goes on forever

not to sever

only to bring together

this design, very clever

Unconditional love rejects nothing from below, above or under

Just like clouds give way to deafening thunder

What goes up must come down, only what if there is no magnet around

to pull back the sound

that is us