The Dreams

Air made water

Salt in skies seas

Soil formed under, then there were trees

Exploding eruptions

lava all around, formed the highest mountains and some caverns underground

Tidal wave came rolling in towards the shore

wait for it, it needs to explore

rushed right past, not a single sound or drop…not even a soul around to be stopped

Free and clear of all debris, foundations in winds all around crumbling…

After the storm subsides look for your ring

the shadow behind you won’t let you miss a thing

Gazed lovingly up at Mars, don’t stare too long…

You’ll miss your palm trees dancing and all the great songs…

We are all too complex amazing machines…creative imagination brings illusion it seems

from their past only they’ve never seen, it was all flooded…maybe it is all a dream


Self Preservation

Observing now without a mirror, I can barely see

these contracts were made to be broken, filled with death and dis-ease

erase the knees, I’ll no longer plead for anyone to see me

Despise the subliminal messages, my soul confesses…your insane game of the brain…

A phony is all I can now see, trapped in your own house of misery…

Toying with fantasies, mixing lies with pleasantries…dragging me

I’m no fool, stronger than most mules I can turn off and live unconsciously…try me and see

It’s been done before, I’ll do it again…never needing anyone in the end