Flowing with thoughts that spring forth from pain

rising back up, yet once again

Seems rock bottom is my starting ground

I never minded and I don’t mind now

it is all too familiar for me

the way it’s always been…through my histories

The ideas that come from dreams and epiphanies

I appreciate and consider with much grace and pressured ease

Does something know me better than I

sometimes I wonder, sometimes I sigh

Bearing it all, still walking tall

for the bliss did fall upon my walls

of skin and blood and bone and meat

Into my depths it did soak

parts of my brain trained, then revoked

Only 10 percent you say

perhaps new tests need to be made

Excavating and digging I will expand my visions

The left and the right will be sweet

knocking some researchers off of their feet

with amazement and wonder in their stare, “How the hell did she make it there?!”

Yes, she did this all in just her underwear…