The More The Merrier

Stuck on this deserted island, yet there are people all around. They’re all making noises but none of my sound. My body knew before my mind, it took months for all that to settle down.

Vibrations now create words of which I often listen, am I hearing a distortion, what seems like only a portion?

That depth those eyes did declare, how many of you think you could share? What once seemed like tripping on a knot has now thrown me out into the lot, always searching, wondering. Walking this tightrope between dreams, only pleasure I find is mine.

current situation…

It’s A Start

I’m stuck with a voice I love, that I can never touch.

Antennae turned to high receive, psychotronic I do believe.

But this is me, mind so strong it literally bleeds, never brought to it’s knees…

My head was fine until you dropped your lines, eyes that don’t match words, creating heart discord.

Step away if you need to adjust, just don’t forget about us. Paperclips, coins, rubber bands…where are my rubber bands?

Hair ties under plant store cowbells, hot poems in my mail, synchronicities, nahh can’t be, I know you see me…I guess the winds will carry it until it is known.

Game memories.