Engine #9

An old soul so I’ve been told, special sauce never to mold

Knocked my pandora box of the ledge, upon direct hit it all poured out

guess what, I didnt even pout…

I have collected much over the years, pieces I don’t understand yet…some bring me to tears

Then happiness consumes me ’cause I guess there are other plans…not always meant to understand

Now wearing my heart on my sleeve, I’ll give it all away, I don’t need…I have enough of the spirit fire burning inside me, sustaining

Still whispering on that breeze, the one that brings chills, sometimes bringing you to your knees

Gladly holding out my hands he says, “Do you still accept me to be in your plans?”

there’s some things we first must discuss, namely all the white lies and distrust

It has been addressed by order of high, I am told “Dear, there’s no reason more to cry.”

Simply reply


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Battle for Earth

The players get tired of being played

The watchers get watched, you heard what I said…

The tides are turning once again, for some of you it will be the end…of a reign that has gotten out of hand

other key players are taking back our land

You preyers of defenseless beings, start your “singing,” for soon you’ll be the ones bleeding…

back into the earth, your blood, sweat and tears…you’ve done it all for nothing, so it appears

The canary has sung too soon, I’ve seen your devil peeking out of his room…

looked right in it’s eyes and I said “See you real soon.”

Next time I come with my dragon, wolf and broom…to RIP your head off and eat with a spoon, In the light of the next full moon

burning the rest of the lot to the ground, sweeping away not making a sound…excited about this spire I’ve found


Stiff as a Board

A year to me is different to you

October is singing to me the blues

Used to love Autumn, the Fall

Now all I see is the darkness of it all

Slipping slowly from the “light”

I hope it doesn’t completely consume me, my darkest knight…

If it’s so please do leave room

There’s still someone I want to fly to the moon…with.


Surrounding Waters

The portals above that we call planets and stars

Leading to alternate realities, fragmented souls do see

Feeling less whole, trying to be free

The intensity in me, fearful of the intensity in you…now I’m screwed? Dodging lifes hoops, hoping to one day scoop, what is so hard to find in this day and time.


The More The Merrier

Stuck on this deserted island, yet there are people all around. They’re all making noises but none of my sound. My body knew before my mind, it took months for all that to settle down.

Vibrations now create words of which I often listen, am I hearing a distortion, what seems like only a portion?

That depth those eyes did declare, how many of you think you could share? What once seemed like tripping on a knot has now thrown me out into the lot, always searching, wondering. Walking this tightrope between dreams, only pleasure I find is mine.

current situation…

It’s A Start

I’m stuck with a voice I love, that I can never touch.

Antennae turned to high receive, psychotronic I do believe.

But this is me, mind so strong it literally bleeds, never brought to it’s knees…

My head was fine until you dropped your lines, eyes that don’t match words, creating heart discord.

Step away if you need to adjust, just don’t forget about us. Paperclips, coins, rubber bands…where are my rubber bands?

Hair ties under plant store cowbells, hot poems in my mail, synchronicities, nahh can’t be, I know you see me…I guess the winds will carry it until it is known.

Game memories.