Kite String

I have a piece of the desert

I have a piece from the sea, a piece of rock from the mountains that be

I can hold all these things we see, in palms they can teach, all tiny bits of each

one piece I dream to hold, still out of reach…

So what if I got tangled up in the trees, flickering with lifes breezes

this birds eye view appeases…

The North winds blew, sending pogonips through

pores to the bone, it knew…it knew just what to do

Blowing leaves sparkling in suns rays

more beautiful than the first gaze, laid…

Sending signals to be consumed and strewn…

Showing us what love can do


Always the Mystery

I am the person I need

I am whole, I am complete

when I stand on my own two feet

It’s not in my DNA to be slain by earthly forces that remain…I will breakthrough this pain

and feel bright like the sun once again

Pioneer of pathways in the brain, integrating slowly into whole body once again…

We can be viral, even obscene…isn’t this all just a dream

The mystery doesn’t need be cold and dark…once you’ve found that little spark

When you do, take good care…the best of things can cause the deepest tears

seek out the animals to help with spiritual repairs

From them you can draw strength

and keep yourself away from your brink…

Medicine Cards

The Dreams

Air made water

Salt in skies seas

Soil formed under, then there were trees

Exploding eruptions

lava all around, formed the highest mountains and some caverns underground

Tidal wave came rolling in towards the shore

wait for it, it needs to explore

rushed right past, not a single sound or drop…not even a soul around to be stopped

Free and clear of all debris, foundations in winds all around crumbling…

After the storm subsides look for your ring

the shadow behind you won’t let you miss a thing

Gazed lovingly up at Mars, don’t stare too long…

You’ll miss your palm trees dancing and all the great songs…

We are all too complex amazing machines…creative imagination brings illusion it seems

from their past only they’ve never seen, it was all flooded…maybe it is all a dream


Scratched Vinyl

Broken records playing in minds

sometimes truth,

partially it binds, telling of things already known…damnit I promise I’m not that slow!

Broken records playing in minds…

Alone I was born, torn from time collapsed

melting points capped, leaving us a trap

I die inside every day, just to rise again

Struggle to picture your face, yet your voice still remains in my head space

Lost in life now lost in love

waiting to be released like the pure white dove…


Speak of the dreams you dream

Anxiety almost kept me from taking this, it’s on a curve in the highway…I did it…

and they will surely scare some

hovering around like pogonips while in Spain…

Does it get cold there, I hear no one complain…

Judgement clouded my minds eye

Involved not surprised at the rise of the spine…becoming entangled and entwined

The most ticklish spot in my mind, the light it does blind…mesmerized



My awareness was jarred from falling too far

from the waters above…perhaps from the stars

Here and now, there and then…where have you really been

There is always here

here is always there…not aware of itself anymore, it just is


nothing is as it appears to be, everyone sees the same differently.



Set up to be fed, I’ve heard tale of this death

A part of your life even from afar, I can smell aromas from a car

vanilla and talcum powder scents

have me wondering should I jump off this fence…

Been balancing for far too long

mind warped by time, what could go wrong?!

What I need I don’t know how to get, I haven’t been to this place as of yet.

Oak Island, NC


I’ll always be a mystery and yet I’m also easy to see

You can care to get to know me

or I can care enough to set me free…yet

You are so sweet

Warning of cars around corners ahead

and animals about to run out for dead

even if it’s all in my said head…

The sound to the voice I’ve always found, now is you

The one that was there to comfort me for all conscious years through

There and here

Then and now

through fears, tears, screams and howls

It seems to be stuck, just like glue…confused yet…

I still appreciate you,

From the rest of my remaining years,

they will not be consumed by the blues



Flowing with thoughts that spring forth from pain

rising back up, yet once again

Seems rock bottom is my starting ground

I never minded and I don’t mind now

it is all too familiar for me

the way it’s always been…through my histories

The ideas that come from dreams and epiphanies

I appreciate and consider with much grace and pressured ease

Does something know me better than I

sometimes I wonder, sometimes I sigh

Bearing it all, still walking tall

for the bliss did fall upon my walls

of skin and blood and bone and meat

Into my depths it did soak

parts of my brain trained, then revoked

Only 10 percent you say

perhaps new tests need to be made

Excavating and digging I will expand my visions

The left and the right will be sweet

knocking some researchers off of their feet

with amazement and wonder in their stare, “How the hell did she make it there?!”

Yes, she did this all in just her underwear…


Always the Mystery

Felt as if under a spell, now I know better, now I can tell

dark psychology thrust upon me

a lab rat to your infancy

I laugh in the face of your tactics and strategies

your key phrases primitive to me

You see, I’m older than the skies and seas…this mind can not be broken silly

Perceptions from all around, I have the ability to see all…even the clowns

The innocence you saw in my eyes

has it left you surprised at my non demise

Evil does live here too

sewn through this game, it must be pursued…sometimes used

My will like bones, you’ll have to burn

Forged forever in the rock

that is my stone…