Bare Boned

Bones lay bare for all to stare

a sliver of mystery to those who care

to stare beyond illusions repaired

Clearing out the rubbish sometimes takes ages…only they couldn’t fool all of the sages

Prepared before hand

written in the stars and sand

To the sand now you must go, to find where your river flows

Tracing back in time, what you seek is seeking your mind

Taunting with scents as the winds blow, filling up my inner nostrils…up through my nose

where they come from I may never know

Some pleasant, some make screams…how much longer can I stay here, living between dreams

Step away, perhaps engage and play

you awoke this beast, now I must tame

No matter to me it’s all the same…

You have no time to go digging through my shit,

so I stopped and stared, never to fully sit

Just like the birds made from clouds…

Not My Clown

There’s too much noise and not enough sound

Cotton fields in bloom now ’round this town

The sky is full of light fluffy clouds

with flocks of birds migrating south

The scenery all looks the same, even the ground…it hasn’t changed

One thing I still haven’t found

I’m done guessing… I’m done bearing frowns

Still all I see when I look around…

Clowns rushing about, trying not to drown

I can stand alone, I always have

this concept may be hard for some to grasp…

Blood and oil incorporated into my salve…