Broken Ground

I miss your face and silly, strange ways

reaching to kiss your face, I can almost taste…

I’ll take it to the grave and think out loud, maybe position a long way

Sitting on a headstone

I have become owned, no longer a slave to their throne

I’d greet you with the widest grin, ask you “Where the hell have you been?”

while stretching to kiss your chin…whispers of won’t you let me in


Engine #9

An old soul so I’ve been told, special sauce never to mold

Knocked my pandora box of the ledge, upon direct hit it all poured out

guess what, I didnt even pout…

I have collected much over the years, pieces I don’t understand yet…some bring me to tears

Then happiness consumes me ’cause I guess there are other plans…not always meant to understand

Now wearing my heart on my sleeve, I’ll give it all away, I don’t need…I have enough of the spirit fire burning inside me, sustaining

Still whispering on that breeze, the one that brings chills, sometimes bringing you to your knees

Gladly holding out my hands he says, “Do you still accept me to be in your plans?”

there’s some things we first must discuss, namely all the white lies and distrust

It has been addressed by order of high, I am told “Dear, there’s no reason more to cry.”

Simply reply


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I’ve been on that shore many times, I emplore

before the sun, moon and stars were born, the womb from which I was torn

birthed to this place called earth, I was born

The cat in the box was me drifting, ended up here accidentally…

the bird man still watches over me, saw him in a dream…like state

Where is my wolf, where could he be? Lingering in this same line of mystery…waiting?

It’s in my Gene’s, my DNA screams!

What you seek has already been exchanged, my soul you can’t take…it’s been rearranged

for bigger plans across these lands…

will I ever understand this master plan? Walking tightly in between, realities and dreams…

El Cuento de Fantasma

As he looked at her he thought to himself, “This womans soul has never been touched by anyone else.”

You’ll never see me coming

Before I bare to the air this invisible feeling

Got my gears squealing

In need of a flush; perhaps tingling

For this soul has split and parted ways

Now everything is a craze…y

Superhumans suck the life out of this

Life equals love

Love eventually equals grief

There will always be darkness even where the heart sings…it would do you all good to remember these things…



Similar feelings felt before

From the “ladies and the lords”

You…I could adore, is there some sort of score…keeper?

I wish you peace, I wish you love

You and I fit like a glove…seemingly from “above.”

Life had other plans, sometimes no one understands

I will make it through this storm, like the many times before, making it back, safely to shore…

Going back to the waters overhead or perhaps the snakes den instead…

Lies multiplied, this hunger inside, so hard to now satisfy…

Red on my left

White on my right

I AM the blue light…



Grateful eternally

Angel of love showered upon me

All encompassing love received

Nothing will keep me down, not even these clowns…around this town

Weakness you found

Games abound

Soon, I frowned…no where now to be found…

Forever changed, slightly rearranged

Sometimes, a little deranged…such a strange, second encounter

Your voice has hitched a ride with me apparently, what is it that you want to see? Tell me…

Clawing my way out of “the cave,” darkness, dirt exfoliating all around through feeling and sounds…

Surprise myself everyday

Who knew I was a warrior in my own parade?!