Shoes for Feet

When you scrape by to eat, no medical insurance for your feet and your brain can’t see past the day…because you never thought you’d make it this far anyway…

When money rules everyone and their seats, there’s not much time for rest

When you go against something you believe because your stomach is rumbling and stones don’t bleed…

Maybe one day out on the street, couch surfing, perhaps overpasses in Spring

seem to hold a freedom I can’t find in this rat race, nightmarish dream…

Take everything, you can even have my sword…tired, won’t stand for it anymore


Speak of the dreams you dream

Anxiety almost kept me from taking this, it’s on a curve in the highway…I did it…

and they will surely scare some

hovering around like pogonips while in Spain…

Does it get cold there, I hear no one complain…

Judgement clouded my minds eye

Involved not surprised at the rise of the spine…becoming entangled and entwined

The most ticklish spot in my mind, the light it does blind…mesmerized


Rhinestone Sealed

You sealed the deal when you went home, said my name and came

emojis on my phone…crying and insane

I miss you inside, she on the daily set of pain…it was always nice and the river flowed wet…on that I could always bet

You acted like you really cared, was that just in the script…taken aback at eyes first glance

not like anyone else

well yes I may have gotten scared, I still wished to dance

You had a ring of blue, someone had already spoken for you

what I saw I could not test…on your lawn naked bare breast

waiting patiently for no less

I must confess

It is I, AM

that wants to undress…the blues off your chest

I can’t wait to see those shades did I forget to mention, I can feel you message me with course intentions

in places I didn’t know even existed


Fake Blue Roses

An experience within a dream

bursting forth to clean and redeem

Scrubbing violently back and forth,

what have you done with the torch

The one that’s meant to burn deep inside, piled upon it all this mud and pride

Clearing this path, making room for new, who knew blue was a fake bloom…

The smell of gardenias, for all four seasons, I’ll make room…

No discrimination here to be found

I try not to judge, I try not to be a clown

What goes up must come down?

So bring out your hounds, they will never let you down

Always sniffing out this new thing found…

Hues of the Blues

Seems my brain refuses to allow you to be a memory

Saying the storage is at full capacity

Or is it my heart that pleads, beating into eternity

Gray of shade is being rightfully placed, its getting harder to picture your face

yet your voice is still sending pulses to my brain, remaining

yet gone without a trace…

I guess this is how it works when you’re going insane

Have you not grown tired of this place

Directionally moving past the pain, yet some days feeling completely drained

In need of rubber, the kind that can erase, not remaining one single trace

My heart now held together with sutures of lace…

Continuing on with this one man show, some things must be faced alone…

The Invisible Visitor

Your presence intrigued me

Staring albeit blindly…captivated

Yes, that’s how I really felt, don’t ask why…I’ll just sigh

Tired of endless goodbyes

I just hide and die inside

Yet, how could you be so sweet, keeping distance in feet

Your silence is deafening, your broken record aggravating…

Connection deteriorating…

If only…


Another Goodbye

Fade away if you must

You I can no longer trust

Guessing it was only lust…after all

Split me open, cracked from the inside

never to come down, not even for my mind

Ass in the air

then bring your hands back to prayer…offers a little relief

Unlike that thief…that disguises as love

Doesn’t matter anymore, what’s good for a goose is good for a whore…

I’m willing to bet there’s more in store


Bound to Forward

Out of the deepest, darkest places come some of the greatest minds

My souls broken to pieces but you can’t have mine

I’ve taken and hidden it somewhere

You’ll have to look into a million faces to find

To find it you must learn the many secrets that hide

all the love that resides between those blurry lines…memories, good eh, some bad

this one memory has me by the damned gonads…

You’ve shown me things then took them away

Now all I can do about it is pray

Pray to what either I don’t understand, maybe This Is The Universal Plan

It makes no rational sense, costing not a single pence…

I think for now I’ll simply rest, realizing sometimes, some things are merely tests…


Single Sound of Multiples

An angel whispers in my ear “I’d love to seek you, when can I come near?”

Phantom limbs reaching out, touching my skins and tears

I wish to drive you crazy, then bring you back to sane

to come back undone would be such a shame

Unlearn what you knew

you’ll soon see straight through

Toss it all out of the window, then pursue

Let me show you…

the skies, just how pretty and blue from this view…this is how I’d love to see you

It’s so hard to see your face, I’d come back from space

My heart waits here for you, it’s saved in a special case

photo creds: (not my tattoo)


By Design

You are family, don’t ask why or how

let’s get over the elephant in the room, and quit having cows…

taking a bow, exit stage right

Left in the audience, you’re nowhere in my sight

Psychically I hear you cry out loud “I’m sick of all this, it ends tonight…I’d be proud.”

Much to her surprise

she’s looking into the eyes of the phantom that stole her heart

He’s brought back the piece

not like a thief

but a masquerade(r) looking to make a start

Here take it, I give you now my heart