The Bloom

I apologize for staring so deeply into your eyes and loving what I found there, mesmerized

so rare…

Without notice, like a lotus

out of muddy waters

high on love, like the kind from above

Blinding me, from earthly


I apologize a thousand times

I apologize…

Down to the marrow it seeped

allowing me to keep

knowledge of a feeling so deep…see sawing back and forth,

ever so slightly

never far left or too rightly

For the middle is where the bird doth lay

never afraid,

of a crumble or charades

foundation never rumbles…

in the air it radiates.

The winged human is whole and complete,

thoth did lay at my feet, the seed that’d been buried deep,

now in bloom.

Serving on it’s seat

a verdict somehow reached,

you are free to go,

you are released.



Feel like I’ve been here before, take me seriously I dare you, before 4

I wish I had asked more questions

maybe then I could hear you explain,

in a state of unawareness, it felt blissfully insane…

No need to speak a fuss,

no need to cause a huge scene,

seems like I’ve seen you somewhere, other than my dreams

such a treat, finally thinking of not being on my feet

travel with me, well past the point of sleep.

I’ve stimulated the mind, now bring it up from behind, if you feel so inclined…

Daily my heart breaks open just a little more, allowing all of the rivers water to pour forth.

Did you hear me calling out your name?

calling in moans through the luke warm shower rains…

My internal systems are being finessed,

a key bearer for one of my seals, and no less.



I dont know what I am anymore

I’m just walking through this grocery store

that I’ve seen so many times before

after having gotten my thrice divorce

Show me that there is more

All I can do is look at these s’mores

wondering where the fire is…

Getting teeth cleaned

constantly stitching the seams

that hold me together…

Explosive emotions have nowhere to go

So I just breathe in nice and slow

It calms me just enough

to get on with this show…

we all call life

Making memories

whatever, whomever they may be

Making memories

some only you and I can see

My vessel, my home is free

Myself, I and me

❤ Thais

Copyright (c) 2021 C. Thais Bosworth, All Rights Reserved


Hues of the Blues

Seems my brain refuses to allow you to be a memory

Saying the storage is at full capacity

Or is it my heart that pleads, beating into eternity

Gray of shade is being rightfully placed, its getting harder to picture your face

yet your voice is still sending pulses to my brain, remaining

yet gone without a trace…

I guess this is how it works when you’re going insane

Have you not grown tired of this place

Directionally moving past the pain, yet some days feeling completely drained

In need of rubber, the kind that can erase, not remaining one single trace

My heart now held together with sutures of lace…

Continuing on with this one man show, some things must be faced alone…

Another Goodbye

Fade away if you must

You I can no longer trust

Guessing it was only lust…after all

Split me open, cracked from the inside

never to come down, not even for my mind

Ass in the air

then bring your hands back to prayer…offers a little relief

Unlike that thief…that disguises as love

Doesn’t matter anymore, what’s good for a goose is good for a whore…

I’m willing to bet there’s more in store


Bound to Forward

Out of the deepest, darkest places come some of the greatest minds

My souls broken to pieces but you can’t have mine

I’ve taken and hidden it somewhere

You’ll have to look into a million faces to find

To find it you must learn the many secrets that hide

all the love that resides between those blurry lines…memories, good eh, some bad

this one memory has me by the damned gonads…

You’ve shown me things then took them away

Now all I can do about it is pray

Pray to what either I don’t understand, maybe This Is The Universal Plan

It makes no rational sense, costing not a single pence…

I think for now I’ll simply rest, realizing sometimes, some things are merely tests…


Record Keepers

Who are, what have you done to me? I’m not the same person I used to be

I sometimes act irrationally, without the care of soul to see

Ascended before me

Had the chance to really see what was happening because…

Non-physically I’ve never been touched…like that before

You, you made me soar, now scraped across the floor, scabs now formed

No play foul

No harm done a.m. star…

I’m so glad you are the one, will you now show me who you are, will you now show me home…


El Cuento de Fantasma

As he looked at her he thought to himself, “This womans soul has never been touched by anyone else.”

You’ll never see me coming

Before I bare to the air this invisible feeling

Got my gears squealing

In need of a flush; perhaps tingling

For this soul has split and parted ways

Now everything is a craze…y

Superhumans suck the life out of this

Life equals love

Love eventually equals grief

There will always be darkness even where the heart sings…it would do you all good to remember these things…