The Invisible Visitor

Your presence intrigued me

Staring albeit blindly…captivated

Yes, that’s how I really felt, don’t ask why…I’ll just sigh

Tired of endless goodbyes

I just hide and die inside

Yet, how could you be so sweet, keeping distance in feet

Your silence is deafening, your broken record aggravating…

Connection deteriorating…

If only…


El Cuento de Fantasma

As he looked at her he thought to himself, “This womans soul has never been touched by anyone else.”

You’ll never see me coming

Before I bare to the air this invisible feeling

Got my gears squealing

In need of a flush; perhaps tingling

For this soul has split and parted ways

Now everything is a craze…y

Superhumans suck the life out of this

Life equals love

Love eventually equals grief

There will always be darkness even where the heart sings…it would do you all good to remember these things…


Au Revoir

I drew,

An I drew

An I drew

Still, I had no picture of you

remnants left behind

voices carry the hearts song, keep the mind reminding…now I’ll try to ignore

of a happiness that has no eraser, I will find the eraser…if it takes my last breath…

I’m tired, tired of missing you


I don’t know why, I just love you.

I fell in love with a ghost you see, now it haunts me daily…