Attentiveness Sparks the Key That Shadows Keeps

Turning language into gold

this is not MY story, only one that I, AM told

I’m a magnet for your bullets of metal, churning out an element more precious than the petals.

Hearts light as feathers,

bellies burning furnace with fire

now I concrete my strongest desire…until I tire

Slipping into sleep

your dreams and secrets I do keep…

You understand my frustrations, from needed situations…that currently lack…

Firstly felt it to be Andrew

then Mo and wolfman, alas…

Hell, for a second of a point I thought it was Jack…

I understand you can’t fess up, I understand you’ve no back…bone…

Where do we go from here

Sometimes it’s not so clear

The address provided by the other friend Jay, meant to set me astray…I just walked away…

I don’t know what to think

I don’t know what to say

I’m going out now to the playground

I’m ready to *!@%#!!! play…

I can never truly know, if I sit here and guess…

I’m ready to risk, I accept thee’s fine tests.

copyright (c) 2021 Thais Bosworth, All Rights Reserved


Rhinestone Sealed

You sealed the deal when you went home, said my name and came

emojis on my phone…crying and insane

I miss you inside, she on the daily set of pain…it was always nice and the river flowed wet…on that I could always bet

You acted like you really cared, was that just in the script…taken aback at eyes first glance

not like anyone else

well yes I may have gotten scared, I still wished to dance

You had a ring of blue, someone had already spoken for you

what I saw I could not test…on your lawn naked bare breast

waiting patiently for no less

I must confess

It is I, AM

that wants to undress…the blues off your chest

I can’t wait to see those shades did I forget to mention, I can feel you message me with course intentions

in places I didn’t know even existed