Hues of the Blues

Seems my brain refuses to allow you to be a memory

Saying the storage is at full capacity

Or is it my heart that pleads, beating into eternity

Gray of shade is being rightfully placed, its getting harder to picture your face

yet your voice is still sending pulses to my brain, remaining

yet gone without a trace…

I guess this is how it works when you’re going insane

Have you not grown tired of this place

Directionally moving past the pain, yet some days feeling completely drained

In need of rubber, the kind that can erase, not remaining one single trace

My heart now held together with sutures of lace…

Continuing on with this one man show, some things must be faced alone…

Another Goodbye

Fade away if you must

You I can no longer trust

Guessing it was only lust…after all

Split me open, cracked from the inside

never to come down, not even for my mind

Ass in the air

then bring your hands back to prayer…offers a little relief

Unlike that thief…that disguises as love

Doesn’t matter anymore, what’s good for a goose is good for a whore…

I’m willing to bet there’s more in store


Record Keepers

Who are, what have you done to me? I’m not the same person I used to be

I sometimes act irrationally, without the care of soul to see

Ascended before me

Had the chance to really see what was happening because…

Non-physically I’ve never been touched…like that before

You, you made me soar, now scraped across the floor, scabs now formed

No play foul

No harm done a.m. star…

I’m so glad you are the one, will you now show me who you are, will you now show me home…