Engine #9

An old soul so I’ve been told, special sauce never to mold

Knocked my pandora box of the ledge, upon direct hit it all poured out

guess what, I didnt even pout…

I have collected much over the years, pieces I don’t understand yet…some bring me to tears

Then happiness consumes me ’cause I guess there are other plans…not always meant to understand

Now wearing my heart on my sleeve, I’ll give it all away, I don’t need…I have enough of the spirit fire burning inside me, sustaining

Still whispering on that breeze, the one that brings chills, sometimes bringing you to your knees

Gladly holding out my hands he says, “Do you still accept me to be in your plans?”

there’s some things we first must discuss, namely all the white lies and distrust

It has been addressed by order of high, I am told “Dear, there’s no reason more to cry.”

Simply reply


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If his voice wasn’t there, seemingly out of nowhere…I could forget and move along

I’ve got a hole in my neck, fusion taking longer than expect…ed

Nerves caught, all distraught…pain and chaos are brought, oh the pressures

Feeling virgin like again, my sacrificial blood no longer bleeds…no longer an ancient mystery

Becoming degrees of thirty and three

Going past infinity, alone must I be…

It’s going to happen

It’s what we came to do

To help our youth

In the pursuit of truths…



Distant Salt

Jason Marsh

I emerged from the womb

Confused yet consumed

Follow me to my tomb

Rise again, I will

So much work left still…

I may go at it alone

Roam, roam, roam…

No where in site, my home…

Until I am free from carbon based needs

My soul, my spirit will surely bleed…

Dera Dande Uthao- Let us lift our camp and staff. -Babaji