When the Sky Falls

The expression housing your energy will be gone soon

what once walked around in thoughts

perhaps filtering into

and in between molecules…to live again

When our souls slept together, I wish I’d had skin

I felt you without, now I feel you within

popping, cracking, massaging my brain…

I finally cried to my pal Chris “I think I’m going insane!” Assuring me that I AM not,

revealed through communication I had a thought…

Before my body decays, I wish it to come alive

With all five senses engaged

house on fire, under a canopy of silk streamed cloudy moon

light absent, only scent of cologne and parfume

Sea salt settling, mirror a haze,

into your eyes forever I could gaze

never blinding, streaming of feather like blaze…as the one sent from the earth to the moon

flowing in and all around me, consume

feeling you through your eye, it looms

speaking to me of the love lost and gloom

A spark of light I still see in view…where’s the switch

ah hell never mind, where’s the room?

Lost in your thoughts I get confused

shhhhh, be still

be here now hon, I’ll never cut you completely loose.