This Old Town

Thought I was going with the flow, turns out I was just slow

The hook sank in so far, if I pulled it out it’d surely leave a scar… with it in I can’t go far

Stuck with you in the kiddie pool, a fish out of water just won’t do

I know me and you know you, crossed around, flipped upside down…who is who?

Looks like we’re all grown up, what’s left to do?

Ain’t it funny how time doesn’t grow but only a flash of light…and where we are now, no one knows quite

I’m easy to be found, I kinda like this stable ground…a little inner peace abound

Grateful now for this love that’s found, me…

wish I hadn’t been too blind to see

it’s always been you somehow…


Self Preservation

Observing now without a mirror, I can barely see

these contracts were made to be broken, filled with death and dis-ease

erase the knees, I’ll no longer plead for anyone to see me

Despise the subliminal messages, my soul confesses…your insane game of the brain…

A phony is all I can now see, trapped in your own house of misery…

Toying with fantasies, mixing lies with pleasantries…dragging me

I’m no fool, stronger than most mules I can turn off and live unconsciously…try me and see

It’s been done before, I’ll do it again…never needing anyone in the end