Fake Blue Roses

An experience within a dream

bursting forth to clean and redeem

Scrubbing violently back and forth,

what have you done with the torch

The one that’s meant to burn deep inside, piled upon it all this mud and pride

Clearing this path, making room for new, who knew blue was a fake bloom…

The smell of gardenias, for all four seasons, I’ll make room…

No discrimination here to be found

I try not to judge, I try not to be a clown

What goes up must come down?

So bring out your hounds, they will never let you down

Always sniffing out this new thing found…

Second Sight

Your one man crew unknowingly brought chaos to my zoo

What came about from shock and stare

plunged me down this path and I found me there

With more love and compassion than ever before, I finally found I can adore

the me for so long I did ignore…

It’s not to say that I don’t miss you

maybe one day I’ll get the kiss cue…

I appreciate you too…

As my gram Bosworth would say, “What’s new at your zoo?”