The Mystery

It’s more mysterious than I’ve ever been, this confounded confusion sets in…”Is this me I’m looking in?”

Whispers all around, let me in…

Don’t worry about the shape my subtle body is in

I’ve been dead for years, ain’t that a great sin?!

I find it rather amusing now

cutting through time and sounds, space doesn’t seem so far away…wow

You’re an excellent actor on this stage of life

Keep those away that cause harm and strife


By Design

You are family, don’t ask why or how

let’s get over the elephant in the room, and quit having cows…

taking a bow, exit stage right

Left in the audience, you’re nowhere in my sight

Psychically I hear you cry out loud “I’m sick of all this, it ends tonight…I’d be proud.”

Much to her surprise

she’s looking into the eyes of the phantom that stole her heart

He’s brought back the piece

not like a thief

but a masquerade(r) looking to make a start

Here take it, I give you now my heart