Feel like I’ve been here before, take me seriously I dare you, before 4

I wish I had asked more questions

maybe then I could hear you explain,

in a state of unawareness, it felt blissfully insane…

No need to speak a fuss,

no need to cause a huge scene,

seems like I’ve seen you somewhere, other than my dreams

such a treat, finally thinking of not being on my feet

travel with me, well past the point of sleep.

I’ve stimulated the mind, now bring it up from behind, if you feel so inclined…

Daily my heart breaks open just a little more, allowing all of the rivers water to pour forth.

Did you hear me calling out your name?

calling in moans through the luke warm shower rains…

My internal systems are being finessed,

a key bearer for one of my seals, and no less.



I dont know what I am anymore

I’m just walking through this grocery store

that I’ve seen so many times before

after having gotten my thrice divorce

Show me that there is more

All I can do is look at these s’mores

wondering where the fire is…

Getting teeth cleaned

constantly stitching the seams

that hold me together…

Explosive emotions have nowhere to go

So I just breathe in nice and slow

It calms me just enough

to get on with this show…

we all call life

Making memories

whatever, whomever they may be

Making memories

some only you and I can see

My vessel, my home is free

Myself, I and me

❤ Thais

Copyright (c) 2021 C. Thais Bosworth, All Rights Reserved


When the Sky Falls

The expression housing your energy will be gone soon

what once walked around in thoughts

perhaps filtering into

and in between molecules…to live again

When our souls slept together, I wish I’d had skin

I felt you without, now I feel you within

popping, cracking, massaging my brain…

I finally cried to my pal Chris “I think I’m going insane!” Assuring me that I AM not,

revealed through communication I had a thought…

Before my body decays, I wish it to come alive

With all five senses engaged

house on fire, under a canopy of silk streamed cloudy moon

light absent, only scent of cologne and parfume

Sea salt settling, mirror a haze,

into your eyes forever I could gaze

never blinding, streaming of feather like blaze…as the one sent from the earth to the moon

flowing in and all around me, consume

feeling you through your eye, it looms

speaking to me of the love lost and gloom

A spark of light I still see in view…where’s the switch

ah hell never mind, where’s the room?

Lost in your thoughts I get confused

shhhhh, be still

be here now hon, I’ll never cut you completely loose.


Pupils connected

Lost in your familiar nothingness

Not a word needed to be formed

Information exchanged

Whirlwind of a new world

Something I’ve never experienced before

Looking now to explore

All the love that I now can appreciate and adore

Stepping away from comfort, let’s make it feel real

Glowy head feel, the crowns appeal

connection to the unseen realms

Copyright 2021

C. Thais Bosworth


Million Dollar Winners

I fell in love with the devil of the sun, feeding the father and the spirit one

a triangle has become…

Your soul took my souls hand

led me to an unknown land

from the/that same expression a moon dance began.

Anyone: “Anyone need anything before I go?”

A million dollars you would say.

Ever hear of sex magick from back in the day? My thoughts would slip away…

You’ve been making love to my avatar

through sound and radar from afar

Hands now in motion

intertwined phalanges covered in saliva liped hands

sucking on a straw, fruit from juice exquisitely grand

Recieving of energies

they do mend,

❤ Thais

copyright 2021

C. Thais Bosworth


Fully Exposed

Bare boned, unified and alone

I stand in my now zone

nothing left that can be taken from my home

from the infinite sea, tears roll down my cheek to breast

I must confess I can’t rid my being of your chest, pressed against my breaths…

Does this mean we can’t be friends?

I love you so and I don’t quite understand, your soul took my souls lips and hand…

your voice did land, in my peripheral sound of hearing so grand

I felt naked, a little hesitation in the quick sands

of Earth and sound and visions of lights

expanding, taking new flight

helping me see, whether inadvertently or intentionally

now feeling all the beauty inside me

The force unseen, blinded to me…

the rain of fire has intensified intentions

in the now transpiring,

transpire me.

Copyright 2021

C. Thais Bosworth


The Emotions of a Triangle

Meditating, divining towards the sky

through the clouds, entering my eye

I find a sweet surprise, covered with harmonies and lullabies

Travelers through many empires

through flames and fires

never minding our desires

Pulling you close for a small hand dance, once practiced long ago somewhere south of old France

I haven’t changed at all inside, yet my bodies keep rolling with the tides

Never intending to hurt others anymore, taking the pain this life brings forth

Pack it safe in a box to store, until the one comes along, bringer of the torch

Never had a home but always had a place to stay, my blood is on fire since you’ve gone away

Jupiter now in control of the rings, your vision unseen, keeps me psycho and serene

always bringing the center back in

draw me right to it, like a good friend?

I am the spirit fire encased in skin

trying to spread some light so others may see again

The sound in charge of your voice makes love to my brain

waves of pleasures

waves of pains

all of which I do treasure

over and again.

copyright 2021

C. Thais Bosworth


Eyes That Alchemize

Peace, harmony and truth,

union alchemically fused

cares not of your name or age in youth,

whether you are married, numb and or legally insane,

producing offspring or presenting rings.

It throws a dent in timelines being spent, piercing the unseen

walls that keep it from bleeding

now seeps, all into one

tests never meant to be undone, only understood by the one

Does it wish string theory or chaotic stress

for these questions I have endurance, to that I can attest

When you’re alchemically pursued

you won’t know, you won’t see what to do

choosing a familiar resident, one who was there past, future and present

Eternally entangled between molecules of air, I have a vessel to reach out with but you are never there…

living in a piece of unseen truth

someone else, their dream continues

copyright 2021

Thais Bosworth


Never An Afterthought

Maybe too much for one man to handle, I’d like to find it all in one place

when I see the eyes I can’t erase, what to do, had it all been put in place?

To be this way right from the start

tell me, did you really have to infiltrate my heart? Make me doubt this spark and no, not from an arc

Or maybe, who knows,

from particles on ponds lifting up through the air

magnitized now by your stare

making rise every hair

no inch to spare…will you dare?

She’s gonna be a tough one to break, share

only you did it with such ease, mixed with some grace

What is your name?

Where is your face?

Always in now thought,

I can’t seem to get you lost

You find me having gone astray, not really knowing what to say

Just be in my presence tomorrow and today, for as long as the sun stays

I’ll feed on it’s rays

raising sparkles up from between seamless legs

to the crown and beyond, all days…


Copyright 2021

C. Thais Bosworth



Souls fuse, emerge and don’t say a single word,

to his or her encasement

inner workings of the mental endearment, on two different levels simultaneously together in overdrive

Forgot to slide

that key unlocked something never seen inside, or believed

Imagination runs wild,

possibilities taken in stride…


clouded brains

carpet stains

on knees, pain

pulling on reigns

pleasure insane!