The bloody Thorns with ruling fists of iron surround me, at times she can literally feel her soul being tugged on by thee bringing torturous pleasantries. “Was it all a dream?”

With no resistance seen, the muscle memories from inside beckon to me igniting this very being back to life. Seen now as a necessity to being waiting for release, but like oil and water shaken then left to separate once again…

This newly awakened beast has been screaming at me for eternity always waiting on my memories to surface. I give in and willingly succumb to divine harmony³.

With grace and remorse I surrender and go for there is no fight left in her. Acquainted they will be…..



Where was I, where did I go when you showered me…with feelings of unknown origin.

Unexplained with human words…yet I remember who it was that reached out to me, little ‘ol me for help…

It was me…preparing me.


Divinely Sinister

“Was it all a dream?” she screamed at me, all the while getting acquainted with this newly awoken beast inside my being. Yelling from eternity, here and from there to now, simultaneously…to be heard by them with eyes to see.

I succumb to its necessity, divine harmony with resistance unseen. For the shadows bloody thorns bathe my palette and ruling fists of iron pound away alchemically forever changing me. Tugging on my soul, muscle memories flood thee while beckoning me with torturous pleasantries fanning the flames of my destiny.

Igniting my being back to life with words felt but not seen all the while waiting on their ultimate release. Parted but never gone completely, I’ve come to the realization that I have no fight left in me. Once a force to be reckoned with, I have now been softened, bent but never made to be broken. For she is me and she is I and that part of me will never die. The lines that never settle have finally arrived.


Flying away with Time and Space

I’m in awe with The Thought…the sight of My Red Sun brings me peace and tranquility through our manifestations.

Ultimately it has brought me back to my center through it’s love for me and my kind…this Spring will bring to us the first son, born out of a love for all, bringing the perfect number three times…5, 6, 7-9.

Unifying the “past, present and future,” the way it was always intended…

So bring your music to my ears, your words to my heart and peace to my being through my five senses…allowing me to Remember without having to dream…..tearing me apart at the seems…



There’s a great storm brewing over my skies. It looks, so as to bring me the Thunder and Lightning that I so desperately need to hear and see…

As of late it’s the Thunder that gets to me as it vibrates the ground I stand upon, sending shivers up and back down my spine over and over again…

The roaring, electric sky cloud deity speaks to me “Let’s get out of here alive this time, I promise you’ll have no regrets.”


Flying away with Space and Time

I’m in awe with The Thought of The Red Sun bringing us peace and tranquility through our manifestations alone…

Ultimately bringing us back to The One Center point through it’s love for ours shared for me and mine…..

Next Spring brings us our first son, Born out of our love for All to witness. Bringing with this creation the perfect number three times. 5, 6, 7-9.

Unifying the “past, present and future,” the way it has always been intended. So bring to me your music, your words and peace to my ears, heart and being as I (we) gladly accept this heartfelt challenge of our souls and spirits…..


My Perfect Vision

The light at the end of the tunnel…

I can now see, she shines so brightly for us to see, for the helpless little ones…

I can see their tears and frowns turned upside down…

Their desperate wails, cries for help, being replaced with smiles…

Smiles as bright as the morning sun.

Won’t you join me, let’s ALL be FREE.

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The flame that never dies…

Where ever we may find ourselves…

Our fires will burn for one another…

And so, it does burn for us eternally.



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When the songs of yesterday start to play and the hustles of our physical world start to become too much…

I’ll lock my arm with yours, making you feel that everything is okay…

I’ll take your hand in mine and you’ll instantly feel that all is well…

The warmth of my heart will flood your worries, bringing you a sense of breath along with ease…

Allowing our love to become complete…

That’s where love grows and blooms…

Under the light of the beautiful full moon.

The stars blinded them on a winter evening…


True Love

The kind of torment, the kind of pain

It feels so right, so free from the chaos

Despite your ego, it keeps you going back

Trying to get back home.