Anatomical Demodulation

Muscles for brains

Iron calves

Fists of steel

heart Iron clad

Soul blood and bones old

Never crushed, burned, bought or sold

No longer an ancient mystery…you’ve seen all the memories

How do you plead…how strong is this bond with me…it’s in my name you read

Is it love that you bleed…perhaps like in a family tree

Roots too deep, hard to see

Hooks from my teeth, ten fingers deep…you’re in there and it doesn’t come cheap

The price now paid for what you thought you seek…ed

sneaks up on you…this, not a creep

but like a train of magnetic levitation it does speed, causing palpitations, making some freak…

All around this one man nation it runs deep

And so I am left to steep

photo crds:

By Empirical Earth Angel

I came into this world with a fiery disposition, headstrong, only to be stifled by unconscious generational traumas. Now I am here, my fire has returned and I'm trying to live a dream like life, the life that's been waiting on me for years...won't you walk with me...

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