It’s The New Style

Sent to tear me apart, Ha! You got the wrong one…you must have forgotten who I once was, who I be, from so long ago… I guess your memories serve you incorrectly.

Have you forgotten, I’m the one that makes you bleed, didn’t you get a copy of the scripts? They’re there for all to see if you dare to read. You’ll never break me or bend me to your will, No. She is the force unseen, only to be admired in your dreams, your distant pasts.

A force no one could have possibly foreseen. She’s gathering information from her dreams through all of your ages, sages and the likes…have you all but forgotten the scenes from times past plays and future stories? What will they bring?

Catch me if you dare, my head is no longer in a daze, bring to me the one who’s not afraid to bleed. That’s how Herstory will end this century…

By Empirical Earth Angel

I came into this world with a fiery disposition, headstrong, only to be stifled by unconscious generational traumas. Now I am here, my fire has returned and I'm trying to live a dream like life, the life that's been waiting on me for years...won't you walk with me...

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